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TIPS Copywriting untuk Teespring Campaign

** TIPS Copywriting untuk Teespring Campaign ** Satu hal yang perlu di ingat ketika kita jualan tshirt teespring dan kita promosi in lewat facebook adalah “kita mentarget orang yang lagi GAK PENGEN beli tshirt.” Terus gimana cara nya biar orang yang gak pengen beli jadi pengen beli? >> Copywriting << Apaan tuh? Panjang jelasin nya, inti nya gini,, HARUS ADA beberapa point penting di sales page biar buyer makin kepengen beli dan gak mampu nolak colonthree emoticon

1. Give REASON to buy – Being part of something big misal: buy this tshirt and show your support to gaza – Show up / narsis Wear this tshirt and show to your friends that you are a Drummer! – Great product Printed on high quality material. 100% designed and printed in USA.

2. Save money – Normally $29,99, BUT you can get yours TODAY for only $16 (50% OFF) – Tell your friend or family! Order 2 or more and SAVE on shipping.

3. Limited Product – you cant find this anywhere in store. a collector item!

4. Scarcity: Efek diskon terbatas dan harga NAIK / penjualan di tutup. – SALE ends on Aug 25th, and price will be  back to normal. – SALE ends on Aug 25th, and it will gone forever. Dont miss it!

5. Call to action So dont wait! Reserve yours today and pay later!

6. Detail step by step untuk checkout (buat newbie) How to reserve: 1. Select your style, size and color 2. Hit “reverse” button below 3. You can add more items 4. Enter your shipping detail 5. enter your payment detail and Checkout!

7. Safety: jaminan uang kembali – 100% statifaction guarantee or your money back! (for ANY reason) semoga beruntung wink emoticon

P.S. Ini tool buat lapak teespring makin laris: http://on.fb.me/1kh6h7I P.P.S. Apa itu copywriting? beberapa tahun lalu uda pernah bikin notes tentang copywriting disini: http://on.fb.me/1zSKzuw P.P.P.S. silahkan di LIKE ato SHARE biar makin bermanfaat buat temen2 semua

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