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Judulnya maksa dan agak jayus, tapi itu trik  supaya tidak muncul di SERP untuk kata kunci “bekling”, jadinya diplesetkan. Lah, kalau tidak mau ter-crawl on search engine kenapa dipublish? Karena publikasi post di sini hanya untuk mencatat saja. Lah kok tidak di save as drfat saja? Ah sudahlah 🙂

1 xing.com About Me PR 8
2 my.telegraph.co.uk About Me PR 8
3 blogger.com About Me PR 8
4 politico.com/ About Me PR 8
5 issuu.com/ About Me PR 8
6 ehow.com About Me PR 7
7 zillow.com About Me PR 7
8 2checkout.com About Me PR 7
9 30boxes.com About Me PR 7
10 community.elgg.org About Me PR 7
11 comedycentral.com/ About Me PR 7
12 jamieoliver.com/ About Me PR 7
13 activerain.com About Me PR 6
14 answerbag.com About Me PR 6
15 viddler.com/ About Me PR 6
16 fontstruct.fontshop.com/ About Me PR 6
17 stickam.com/ About Me PR 6
18 quarterlife.com/ About Me PR 6
19 dontstayin.com/ About Me PR 6
20 virb.com/ About Me PR 6
21 myfolio.com/ About Me PR 6
22 threadless.com/ About Me PR 6
23 gusto.com/ About me PR 6
24 schoolofeverything.com/ About Me PR 6
25 crowdspring.com/ About Me PR 6
26 yuku.com/ About Me PR 6
27 startupnation.com About Me PR 6
28 democracyforamerica.com/ About Me PR 6
29 newstrust.net/ About Me PR 6
30 divinecaroline.com/ About Me PR 6
31 thepoint.com/ About Me PR 6
32 soundclick.com/ About Me PR 6
33 redbubble.com/ About Me PR 6
34 dezinedepot.com About Me PR 6
35 protectthehuman.com/ About Me PR 6
36 retroland.com/ About Me PR 5
37 vidilife.com/ About Me PR 5
38 socialight.com/ About Me PR 5
39 vi.sualize.us/ About Me PR 5
40 nobosh.com/ About Me PR 5
41 listal.com/ About Me PR 5
42 linkinn.com/ About Me PR 5
43 revish.com/ About Me PR 5
44 community.guinnessworldrecords.com/ About Me PR 5
45 nerdfighters.ning.com/ About Me PR 5
46 rezzable.com/ About Me PR 5
47 shoutlife.com/ About Me PR 4
48 widgiland.com/ About Me PR 4
49 ikarma.com/ About Me PR 4
50 bloggersunite.org/ About Me PR 4
51 deviantart.com
52 hubpages.com/living
53 delicious.com


Kalau yg berikut ini backlink yg dijadikan data di profile:

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Bob Said

BOB Sadino said:

  • “Orang goblok itu nggak banyak mikir, yang penting terus melangkah. Orang pintar kebanyakan mikir, akibatnya tidak pernah melangkah”
  • “Orang goblok sulit dapat kerja akhirnya buka usaha sendiri. Saat bisnisnya berkembang, orang goblok mempekerjakan orang pintar”
  • “Saya bisnis cari rugi, sehingga jika rugi saya tetap semangat dan jika untung maka bertambahlah syukur saya”
  • “Saya sudah menggoblokkan diri sendiri terlebih dahulu sebelum menggoblokkan orang lain”
  • “Banyak orang bilang saya gila, hingga akhirnya mereka dapat melihat kesuksesan saya karena hasil kegilaan saya”
  • “Orang pintar kebanyakan ide dan akhirnnya tidak ada satu pun yang jadi kenyataan. Orang goblok cuma punya satu ide dan itu jadi kenyataan”
  • “Sekolah terbaik adalah sekolah jalanan, yaitu sekolah yang memberikan kebebasan kepada muridnya supaya kreatif”
  • “Setiap bertemu dengan orang baru, saya selalu mengosongkan gelas saya terlebih dahulu”
  • “Orang pintar mikir ribuan mil, jadi terasa berat. Saya nggak pernah mikir karena cuma melangkah saja.
    Ngapain mikir, kan cuma selangkah”
  • “Orang pintar belajar keras untuk melamar pekerjaan. Orang goblok itu berjuang keras untuk sukses bisa bisa bayar pelamar kerja”.
  • “Orang pintar maunya cepat berhasil, padahal semua orang tahu itu impossible! Orang goblok cuma punya satu harapan, yaitu hari ini bisa makan”
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Career Advice No One Tells You — Life Learning

By: Raghav HaranMost people have “okay” jobs.We go to work, do what we have to do from 9 to 5, come back home, maybe hang out with friends, and do it all over again the next day.There’s nothing wrong with this.But some people perform at a totally different level.They’re the people who land executive level positions by their early 30s while everyone else is still trying to “work their way up.”They’re the people who jump out of bed every morning, excited about the day ahead while everyone else drags themselves out of bed every Monday.They’re the people who impact thousands of people through their work, while everyone else keeps themselves busy with pointless tasks at work.Here’s what they understand, that most people don’t.1. Job requirements are negotiableI remember going to the grocery store with my (Indian) grandfather when I was a kid.He would always look closely at the price of everything we put in our basket. And when we got to the cash register, he would do what I thought was the most embarrassing thing ever: he would try and negotiate with the cashier!But the crazy thing is… it usually worked.Noah Kagan (founder of AppSumo) has this thing he calls the “coffee challenge.” Basically you walk into a coffee shop, order whatever it is you want, and when it comes time to pay, ask for 10% off.If the cashier asks why, say “just cause.”Most of the time, the cashier will just give it to you.There are so many things in life that we think are “non-negotiable”, but in reality, we can totally get around it.For example, I applied for a business development role once that required 3–5 years of experience and I had almost zero (I was still in school at the time).So I decided to prove to them that I could still bring value. Instead of submitting my resume and sitting back, I decided to go out and pitch some companies on forming partnerships with them, and introduced those companies to the hiring manager. I got the offer.When I was applying for a product design position at Quora, I ran a usability test on the mobile app, mocked up some design suggestions, and sent it to the head of product design.He emailed me back the same day to schedule an interview.Apart from jobs like academic professions like medicine or law, job requirements are largely negotiable — you just have to prove that you can bring value to the table.People who aren’t willing to “break the rules” a little bit usually end up wasting years of time and money trying to achieve a goal they could’ve achieved with a lot less.2. Imposter syndrome is a good thingThe New York Times came out with this article a while ago, examining why people from certain groups do better than others economically.It may not politically correct to say it, but the truth is that Asian people are more successful than everyone else on average. “Indian-Americans earn almost double the national figure (roughly $90,000 per year in median household income versus $50,000). Iranian-, Lebanese- and Chinese-Americans are also top-earners.” — NY TimesThe biggest reason for this, according to the NY Times, is cultural. The groups that are more successful than others have 3 common characteristics: A superiority complex Some insecurity, or a feeling that you’re not good enough at what you do Impulse controlThe combination of believing that you can get to almost wherever you want to be, having discipline, and having insecurity about where you are is the formula for a successful, impactful career.Embrace that feeling of inadequacy.3. What’s “realistic” is just an illusionWhat’s realistic for you is entirely predicated on what you’ve been exposed to.When I was younger, I had some friends from lower income backgrounds whose families didn’t receive a high education.When they found out over time that my dad was a doctor, they’d be like “whoa, that’s amazing!!!” like it was some insanely big thing. In their mind, becoming a doctor was unrealistic.It was only because they didn’t know how.If someone told me that they wanted to be a doctor, I would think that’s a totally achievable goal. It’s because I know what it takes to get into medical school, the process behind the scenes, and I had been around people who have successfully done it.There are so many things in life you take for granted that someone else would think is crazy and unrealistic.Getting a graduate degree? There’s a guy somewhere whose family never went to college, and he thinks that’s unrealistic.Working for a Fortune 500 company? There’s a girl somewhere whose family works in minimum wage jobs, and she thinks that’s unrealistic.Running a multi-million dollar business? There’s a kid somewhere who comes from a upper middle class background, and he thinks that’s unrealistic.Work alongside the best in your field, read their books, listen to their interviews, study what they did to get where they are — and eventually, those crazy unrealistic dreams will become realistic for you.4. Don’t pick a career based on “average salaries” or empl. Yoghy Hananto

Source: Career Advice No One Tells You — Life Learning — Medium